Monday, October 22, 2018

Much Better

:: feeling amazing and thankful after an outdoor hike ::
How lovely it was to have an ordinary week! After those many days of DOMS followed by a cold and cough that outstayed its welcome (and still lingers just a bit!), it was nice to last week enjoy some body positive fun *and* to do so with my time crunch problem solved by my dear hubby! Yayyy!

I haven't been doing much running lately. Just enough. I did but one indoor run / hoop interval workout to treadmill scenery last week... I have never mixed it up like that before, running and hooping. It was fun! Definitely something I want to explore again in the coming months as my workouts move indoors almost exclusively. But I haven't yet resumed indoor running on a regular basis.

Rather, I have been using my limited fitness minutes to hike and briskly walk in the out-of-doors while the lovely fall weather endures. It is *so* nice to get out in the crispness of the day and the sunshine and walk upon the trails that I ran on all summer.

And as I mentioned in last week's gratitude post here, I have been listening to a sermon series about Spiritual Depression during some of those miles.

It is healing balm to my heart, these sound messages about the causes and cure for depression and anxiety in a believer's life. The sermons certainly do edify and encourage, but without the blame and condemnation that I have felt from other believers who don't understand or haven't experienced such struggles themselves. And from the people who just don't "get it." Ya know? There is a kind and loving, caring tone to the biblical teaching in this series that I really appreciate. Because that is how I see Jesus.

These messages are the rest of the recovery puzzle for me, I think. While I never require God to explain anything to me (He is God, I am not!) nor do I concern myself anymore with the opinions of those who are not my dear hubby or our children, I do think that understanding within myself, as much as I am able, the circumstances and such that led to and perpetuated my depression, anxiety, and developed into an eating disorder, will allow me to heal and recover completely from *all* of it.

And already, just a few messages in to this series, I feel a release. It is like the remaining burdens upon my back... the why me? questions, the fear of relapse even though I am determined to stay recovered, the sadness and weariness and emptiness of diet culture and diet talk and silly beauty standards that I abhor, the feelings of shame and regret for having an eating disorder throughout my 40's, and so on... are melting away and the joy of the Lord is rushing into those wounded places instead. Jesus has His arms around me, He is holding my hand.

I feel like Jesus has one of my hands and my dear hubby has the other. Our children surround me, and I have even grown to like and accept myself. I am loved and worthy of love!

Yes, believers can and do struggle sometimes... but we don't have to go it alone and we can change our thinking! We don't have to listen anymore to the lies of Satan and the world and unkind people, the voices that falsely condemn us, our own overly self-critical thoughts, when we are resting in the strong arms of Jesus!

Is my life suddenly perfect? Of course not. But it does. not. matter. In fact, I am more aware of my own sinfulness and shortcomings than ever. And I am also more in love with and thankful for my wonderful Savior than ever! Life is good because God is good, life is sweet and magical, joy is mine. And I have been blessed with a settled sense of happiness and peace that just... is.


May God be glorified! May my dear hubby and our eight precious babies (that are no longer babies!) enjoy the fully present and fully recovered wife (and mama) that God has allowed me to become. This lovely mid-life with its joys and hopes and dreams and responsibilities and homesteading endeavors and hobbies and so much goodness is indeed my best stage of life so far, I am thankful.

Ahhhh... I am so grateful that the Lord led me to these sermons and that even the tiny bits of residual depression are melting, melting away. {smile} Online sermons are *such* a blessing in my life!

Here are my fun body positive activities and workouts from last week~

Monday: Belly dance class, indoor walk, yoga

Tuesday: Boxing and ballet fusion workout, 2 mile outdoor hike, hooping, yoga

Wednesday: Indoor dance-walk (a walk with dancing intervals), a lovely bike ride, an afternoon walk in the out-of-doors, yoga

Thursday: qigong, country dance-walk, running and hooping indoor intervals

Friday: 3.1 mile (5K) hike

Saturday: 2 mile outdoor walk with my daughter, hoopdance flow

Sunday: 1 mile indoor walk, long afternoon outdoor walk with Jack, and an opportunity to try *two* new flavors of ice cream... yum!


Friday, October 19, 2018

Happiness 10.19.18

A recent moment that made me happy... just a small thing, a snippet of the week. But it is these lovely ordinary moments that I want to remember, savor, and hold close to my heart.

My children and I had so much fun making soft pretzels earlier this week. We made a big pile of them - some we sprinkled with salt, the rest we sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. And with all of us putting our own unique spin on our designs we had some interesting pretzel shapes and a variety of sizes.

So artsy and... yum!

We had moved the furniture out of the dining/school room earlier that day so I could shampoo the carpet. By lunchtime, the floor was clean and dry, so we spread out our patchwork quilt and had an indoor picnic that featured our warm homemade pretzels. It was tasty *and* fun!

Wishing you much happiness where you are~

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Problem Solved

:: my kitty Ruby ::
I had been feeling a bit overwhelmed by the schedule change... the recent shift in our morning rhythm and routine had left me with a bit of a dilemma. When do I exercise? How do I find time for my body positive fitness activities and hooping? Those fun things I do just for me... that relieve stress and make me feel *amazing* inside and out and give me the energy to keep up with the rest of my day.

Family walks are fantastic. Working out sometimes with my kids (playtime!) is tons of fun... in fact, I *prefer* to do boxing workouts with my little boy punching along at my side, or working on our splits together with my nearly-teenage daughter. {smile} And our homesteading lifestyle *is* naturally exercise laden and filled with adventure. Keeping active is not a problem. We are an active and outdoorsy bunch!

But my soul craves a chunk of downtime, too... dare I call it "me" time? A block of time in the day - even thirty minutes - alone (but with my tribe nearby) to do the fun things I prefer to do *without* an audience... running, belly dancing, yoga, etc. A little time to recharge my own batteries. That time and my daily quiet time with the Lord are what keep my own well filled so I have something to draw from to serve others.

And though it makes me feel kinda selfish to admit it, I was missing the alone time that disappeared for me in our recently shifted rhythm... those precious minutes of the day of just taking care of myself, by myself.

I have been trying to make do. I was splitting my workouts up to fit around our big tribe's shifted schedule... but it just wasn't working and it left me feeling quite discombobulated and frantic and distracted. Not very mindful. Exactly the way I *don't* want to feel!

What to do? What to do? Getting up earlier is not an option and practically every other minute of my day is spoken for or needed for something besides exercise.

I prayed about it, of course. And I would be willing to let my daily fitness endeavors go if the Lord showed me it was necessary in this season of life. I am not addicted to exercise anymore. My relationship with Jesus, my dear family and our bustling farm and all of those responsibilities come first for me, always.

After praying, I felt prompted to discuss my feelings with my dear hubby... and I was so grateful that my man had an idea for me to try so I wouldn't have to miss my workouts.

My hubby suggested that I move my morning activity to a different room in our little house. Isn't that a simple solution? Very easy and do-able. By taking my activities out of the common living area (our largest indoor space) that now bustles with activity at that once quiet time of the day, and back to my own little personal spot (well, I share the spot with my dog Jack's crate) where I used to exercise, I could devote half an hour or so to doing my thing *without* being in anyone's way or disrupting the early morning indoor routines of our homestead.


So I tried it today. I made sure our day was begun smoothly and then excused myself to my own little space amidst the enthusiastic encouragement of my tribe to - "Have fun!" I assured them that it was fine to interrupt me if they needed me. And moving to the other room did indeed solve the problem!

While the rest of the household tended to their own morning activities and tasks, Mama had the space and freedom to try a Qi gong workout for the first time and enjoy a quick country-style dance / walk and then do a virtual running / hooping intervals trek though a section of New York City via treadmill scenery online. By that time, Jack had joined me and a few of the kids had been in-and-out of my room a few times and it was fine. Perfectly fine!

And it isn't as easy to flow with my hoops in that smaller space, but I can make do...


We were all finished with the activities and duties of that part of our day at about the same time... ready for breakfast and chores and the read aloud together time that comes next.

Problem solved, thanks to my hubby's suggestion. I was so excited to tell him! So blessed I am to be the wife of such a wise and wonderful man. No wonder God made him (and not me!) the head of our family and home. I am thankful.


Monday, October 15, 2018

Mostly Walking... and coughing

:: patches of snow alongside my yard-walking path ::
Happy Monday to you, friends. I have mostly walking to share with you today as I look back at last week's body positive activities and fun fitness endeavors. I wasn't feeling my best for a good portion of last week... pretty worn-out I was, due to a cough and headache and cold that grabbed hold of me and hung on for several days.

Not fun feeling that way, but it was both a reminder and a reason to s-l-o-w down, and I suppose I need that reminder every now and again.

Here is a look back at last week...

Monday: 2 mile yard-walk + 15 minutes total body yoga + short boxing workout

Tuesday: 5 mile indoor walk + hoopdance flow practice

Wednesday: 30 minute run / walk intervals (indoors) + hooping

Thursday: just a mile + a little hooping

Friday: gentle outdoor walk + a little hooping

Saturday: I did a "yoga for sick people" class + some gentle walking

Sunday: 30 minute indoor dance walk... mostly walking with some dance-y sections (fun!)

And I did do a lot of resting last week... I even took a nap or two! The persistent cough and tiredness lingers yet today, but not as intensely. I think I am ready to ease back into some activity in these upcoming days and see what I can do to try to get some energy back!


Friday, October 12, 2018

Happiness 10.12.18

A recent moment that made me happy... just a small thing, a snippet of the week. But it is these lovely ordinary moments that I want to remember, savor, and hold close to my heart.

We had such a good time playing a spontaneous family game of disc golf last weekend. We made up our own rules for our version of the game... our target was the sand filled tractor tire play area on the far side of our yard... and the eight of us took turns and laughed and cheered each other on as we tossed our discs and chased them down and tossed them again.

It was a wonderful weekend afternoon of frugal homemade big family fun in the out-of-doors... *bliss!*

My dear hubby and one of our older boys ended in a tie for first place when we added all of our scores from all of the rounds together, so they get to share the title of family disc golf champions until we play again. {smile}

Wishing you much happiness where you are!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Body Positive {ED} Conqueror :: 11 Months

:: 11 Months! ::
:: twin hooping practice ::
:: hand hooping on the homestead ::
Eleven months it has been since I last engaged in any disordered food or fitness behaviors. Looking back, I am rather amazed that I simply quit and walked away from such a long term issue in my life... but that is exactly what I did.

How blessed I was and am to be an overcomer. I am so pleased to be where I am now, I even added some words to my blog sidebar so it would always be clear that Run Hoop Julie is *not* about a weight loss journey. I will put them here, too, so they will endure in the likely event of future blog design changes...

Weight loss and diet culture do not interest me even the tiniest bit. I struggled for years with an exercise obsession and an eating disorder, but those things are conquered and behind me for good. I now enjoy a wonderful relationship with food, fitness, and my body. Self-acceptance is mine...
All glory and praise to the Lord!
~ * ~
My primary goal is simply to have fun as I run and hoop and playfully explore the varied activities of my body positive fitness endeavors. And to be strong and energetic in my 50's and beyond so I can keep up with our big family's many adventures, our love for the out-of-doors, and our happy-busy homesteading life.
~ * ~
I am quite comfortable and pleased with my natural ample size and shape... and the word "fat" is a positive word for me. My dear hubby and kids *love* that I am soft, too. Please know that there is no judgment or shame whatsoever when I describe myself as fat. {smile} None!
~ * ~
Is it possible to be fat and happy? Plus-size and fit? Oh yes, yes it most certainly is!
And it is a lovely lovely thing to be.

It wasn't easy and it look a long time and a lot of work along with plenty of encouragement and love from my support team before the habitual disordered thoughts faded away, and there was much for me to process and let go of and lay at the feet of Jesus. But I got through the transition without heeding any disordered temptations. Praise the Lord! I give *all* of the glory for my recovery to Him alone.

So what do I have to tell you about my eleventh victorious month? Lots of good things! And I also desire to be completely real... Attempted perfectionism is a thing from my past that I have let go of, too. Real and even vulnerable are so much better, I think. Harder, sometimes scary, but much, much better. {smile}

I wish I could say that my newly developed self-acceptance and confidence *never* wavers, that the temptations to think about food and fitness in a disordered way are gone for good. But that wouldn't be true, even though such happenings are fewer and farther between.

Fat-and-happy describes me pretty accurately most of the time. I wish it wasn't seen as a put-down by so many. Such a negative thing to be. Fat-and-happy, thin-and-happy, average-and-happy...

Isn't the " -and-happy" part what matters?

I personally like being fat. I have been all-the-sizes including extremely thin and this is where I have peace. I eat whatever I want without restrictions or even a second thought and I crush my goal of having fun with my body positive fitness endeavors - some easy, some hard - on a regular basis. That has landed me at a curvy-and-fit plus size that is quite frankly loads of fun to be, for me.

But every now and then, upon the rare occasion, fat-and-happy feels more like fat-and-yucky. Even though I am truly quite pleased to be at this happy-plus-size and what must be my body's natural preference. So what changes in me to make me feel that yucky way sometimes? Not my body, not other people, but my own thoughts. No one can change what I think about myself but me.

Especially when I am too tired or overwhelmed or overthinking something that I need to give to the Lord, or letting my mind traipse unguarded down memory lane to past hurts and disappointments, the temptation to engage in old and forsaken eating-disordered ways occasionally niggles its way in.

Maybe it will always be this way? An opportunity to lean on the strength of the Lord again and again? Or maybe, as those disordered behaviors get farther and farther behind me and I choose to keep my eyes upon Jesus they will eventually fade away altogether.

Whether they eventually go or always stay, with the power of Christ in me I know I do not have to act on them and I won't. That is a promise I made to myself and I intend to keep it. And I know that prayer and self-care and a good night's sleep always wash those unwelcome feelings away for me.

Self-acceptance is not something I ever plan to relinquish after fighting myself for it for the first nearly half-century of my life.

This month contained some really good things in my recovery journey. I took my measurements so I can buy some patterns and begin sewing more of my own clothes again. It wasn't triggering at all and in fact I giggled my way through the process. {smile} Can I just say (again) that I love my curves?

Not many things do trigger me anymore, actually. That eating disorder has indeed lost its grip on me. I have released the memories and things that we believe may have contributed to it developing. I have repented and repaired my relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. I have changed *so* much in these past eleven months!

I feel bolder yet kinder and gentler, stronger yet softer and *totally* dependent on the Lord, self-accepting without being self-focused, and just fully assured of the Lord's and of my sweet tribe's love for me... I am oh-so-happily hunkered down into my calling of being my dear hubby's cherished wifey and helper, homeschooling mama of many, and homeMaking homesteader - with nothing distracting me or stealing my energy and joy.

I took my piercings out, all of them. I discussed it with my hubby, I prayed about it, and I gave it a lot of thought. And I knew that it was right time to let them go. Not for any reason other than they didn't feel like "me" so much anymore. To be so keenly in touch with my preferences like that felt amazing. It was such a celebration of authenticity to take them out!

I have been reminded over and over that food has no power over me any more. I don't restrict, I don't binge, I track and count nothing... I eat whatever I want and that is that. I never even think about calories. My daughter and I have a goal to try all of the ice cream flavors at our local grocer and it has been so much fun. How lovely to have fun with food in this way!

My body positive fitness endeavors are such an exciting part of my day. I am at a place with fitness that I never thought I would reach... exercising just for fun with *no* obsessive thoughts whatsoever. My goals are things like... do the splits, run a mile, learn a new hoop trick. So fun!

I was going to weigh myself the other day when I took my measurements but I forgot to... I didn't even think about it again until just now. And it wouldn't matter to me a bit to discover the amount of gravity required to keep my feet on the earth. The scale has truly lost all power over me.

Best of all, I have learned to live in the moment and to appreciate every day and every blessing in my life. God is good, God is good, God is good!

One more month until I celebrate the one year anniversary of the first day of my eating disorder recovery and then I just might put the topic behind me for good... and I get to do so fully recovered!

Monday, October 8, 2018

DOMS for Days

Happy Monday to you, friends. If you are into fitness, you probably already know that the acronym I used in today's post title stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. And I used to kinda relish the next day sore feeling after a workout. But I found nothing enjoyable about the case of super-sore legs I endured for three days after a strength training session last week.

I wasn't injured, just very very sore and tender... and the workout wasn't even overly intense. Just some basic strength moves with some light hand weights. I'm not sure why it hit me so hard this time.

But it prompted me to do some thinking and I decided to shift my strength training away from traditional "strength training" for awhile and rather spend some time doing yoga workouts that are geared toward building strength *and* flexibility... and perhaps some Pilates.

We'll see how that goes for a week or two! {smile} Some of my favorite walking workouts contain a few squats and lunges, but I am not going to seek out any more than that on purpose.

Here are my body positive activities from last week~

I did a fun dance warm-up and then an indoor run. Then I worked on my hooping... especially level changes. Jack held my hoops and yawned while I did my flexibility stretches...

I was able to go for a nice walkabout in the out-of-doors on Monday afternoon.

I sweated to a fast paced cardio dance class with fun choreography, and then did some hooping and flexibility work.

Strength training sounded fun, so I did the total body workout that made me so sore for days. It was an enjoyable workout, but I don't think I will be doing it again! Then, I did a short indoor walk and indulged in some hoopflow and lift practice.

30 minute indoor walk, more hooping 💞, and a short yoga practice. (my legs were soooore)

Jack and I enjoyed a *beautiful* outdoor hike on my still-sore legs... I listened to a sermon about the home and marveled at the beauty of the snow-sprinkling upon the mountains that surround our homestead. *Bliss!*

Later on Friday, Jack and I went for another outdoor walk with my daughter who now works away from home. We used to walk together every single day, so I treasure the walks we go on together when she is off work even more!

I did a 2-mile yard-walk and admired the pretty grass and thriving mint alongside my walking path. Then, our whole crew played a family game of disc golf that was *amazingly* fun and had the whole lot of us laughing and cheering. Later in the day... hooping!

A 3-mile indoor walk while I watched the rest of the movie The Phantom of the Opera. And later in the day, I did a mile around the yard with my daughter while my hubby worked on his tractor in the garage and the older boys practiced archery.

I am so thankful that I have time most days for hooping and other fun body positive workouts. It is an important part of my self-care routine, those moments spent moving and enjoying the body that houses my soul. Keeping active, playing with my kids, working around the homestead. I just love it. And my legs are all better now. What a blessing!


Friday, October 5, 2018

Happiness 10.5.18

A recent moment that made me happy... just a small thing, a snippet of the week. But it is these lovely ordinary moments that I want to remember, savor, and hold close to my heart.

The late afternoon sun was just right for a family shadow picture at the creek. The six of my children that live at home (two more are all grown up and on their own) plus Jack surrounding me while we waited for my dear hubby to get home from work and join us.

Fun times in a favorite place, fun memories to savor. Happiness.


Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Go Mama Go! {Trail Running 2018}

:: Jack, my trail running buddy ::
It is another chilly, rainy, autumn day on our homestead. Very lovely... I love this weather and this time of the year... but it does solidify my thinking that this year's trail running season is nearing (or already at) its end for me.

The daylight hours are shorter, the trails of our homestead are muddy (even snowy!) most of the time, and I am ready to move my running indoors for the winter.

But as I bid trail running good-bye until next spring, I want to take a look back at and savor my trail running accomplishments of 2018.

Running outdoors has always enthralled me. I love indoor running (I do!) and in the past I have done quite a bit of interval running in the out-of-doors... but this year, the hills and paths and pastures of our mountainside property beckoned to me and I decided to give trail running a go.

I also wanted to add some structure and strength training to my daily workouts and running routine. My primary fitness goal is simply to have fun, and becoming a better runner sounded fun to me. I found an eight week training program that would work with our family's rhythm and July 9 was day one.

I used a 7-minute total body strength training routine as a warm-up on that day, and on each of the days I ran during my training program. I'm proud of myself for sticking with that... squats and lunges and push-ups are not exactly fun, but being stronger is so I kept at it.

The first weeks' trail runs were interval runs with a lot more walking than running. But before too long, I was running a lot more. Week four of training was a struggle for some reason, but I persevered and got through it. Halfway done!

And then, in week five, I did a 20-minute trail run. It was the longest continuous run I had ever done... I was *so* nervous about it - and it was hard - my pace was slow and steady and I didn't walk even once. How awesome I felt when I finished!

That 20-minute run really ignited my passion for trail running. On my training days, I woke up so excited to get outside into the fresh air and go for my run with Jack. And at the end of week seven, I did a 30-minute trail run... with the hiccups. That run was quite a challenge, but I was glad for the experience. {smile}

And then, graduation! I ran just under forty miles during my weeks of training, and I did a total of 168 minutes of total body strength training. *Celebrate!* It was one of my happiest body positive fitness accomplishments to finish that running training program as a plus-size runner. So happy to become a trail runner, so comfortable with my size and shape... *bliss!*

Next, was the graduation 5K... My first 5K trail run. The allotted time for the run was 40 minutes, but I knew that pace wasn't possible for me... so I just did my thing as usual and finished the 3.1 miles in 51 minutes 29 seconds. I may as well have won a medal for that run, I could not have been more pleased and grateful.

My graduation run was on September 5. I didn't want to do all of that training and stop, so I kept a trail running focus for the month... it had kinda nestled its way into my heart. Running the trails of our homestead in the quiet of the day with Jack by my side and the critters of the mountain and our barnyard to keep me company. No, I wasn't ready to be done with that.

After a couple of weeks of just-for-fun trail running, I woke up one morning and decided to do a surprise 5K. So spontaneous and unplanned it was, but I wanted to achieve an average pace that was under 16 minutes per mile. I did it! 15:38!

So, wow... I did the training program and then two 5K runs. Next, to keep it interesting, I decided to do a week of running one trail mile per day... Monday - Friday. And *that* turned out to be one of the best weeks of my fitness endeavors to date!

Day one... 1.02 miles (15:52)
Day two... 1.02 miles (15:41)

Those two trail miles inspired me to set a goal of a pace under 15 minutes for the next day.

Day three... 1.03 miles (14:31) keep going, you can do it... SO happy when I did!

And then a long ago goal began to nudge me. Before I was ever a runner of any kind, I decided that in my life I wanted to run a whole mile in the out-of-doors without stopping or walking. And in my trail running there is still a bit of walking / hiking most of the time. I *love* intervals (I am better at intervals than sustained running) and I always walk when the path gets narrow or rocky, etc.

But last Thursday, I *really* felt the time was right for me to achieve that life goal. So I mentally mapped out a mile course that I could run continuously and went for it. I was so determined...

Day four... 1.02 miles (15:27) One Amazing Mile!! *Squee!*

One more day. Friday... the last Friday of September. And I was beginning to feel ready to move my running indoors for the season, so I knew it would likely be the last trail run of 2018. My secret goal that I didn't even fully allow myself to hope for was a mile in under fourteen minutes.

My plan was to do intervals because I am faster at intervals than sustained running. I trusted my training, and though I am happily fat {smile} I am also quite fit. So I put on my Broadway songs playlist and started my GPS and began. I pushed my pace on the running and walked as quickly as I could when I needed a walking interval and...

Day five... 1.03 miles (13:30). 13:30!! I sobbed with joy when I finished and saw my pace. And You Will Be Found was playing... such a moving song for a wonderful moment of personal accomplishment. What a memory that will be.

So I did it. I became a trail runner. I did a 5K and I ran my life-goal mile. It is a very good place to pause my outdoor trail running for the upcoming months. As I do my indoor miles this winter I will have plenty of fond memories to savor... and those memories will give me the itch and incentive to get back to trail running next spring, I just know it. In my plus-size skirt, on our homestead, with Jack by my side.


Monday, October 1, 2018

Five Day Streak

It was a rather spur-of-the-moment decision that I made last Monday to run a single outdoor mile each day (Monday - Friday) to finish up what will likely be the bulk of my trail running for this season.

And then, as I was running that first mile on that first day, it occurred to me that it would be fun to do a little run hoop streak again. Just for the five days before the weekend.

So I planned to add fifteen consecutive minutes of daily waist hooping... not tricks or flow... to the plan and voilà! a five day run hoop streak was underway!

Here is my run hoop streak synopsis and the rest of my fun body positive activities from last week~

Monday: 1.02 mile trail run + stretch + 8 minute total body strength... 15 minutes waist hooping... evening homestead walkabout with Jack

Tuesday: 1.02 mile trail run + 15 minutes outdoor hooping + 15 minutes total body flexibility

Wednesday: 1.03 mile trail run + 15 minutes yoga + short ballet class... 15 minutes waist hooping

Thursday: One Amazing Mile + 20 minutes dance class + stretching... 15 minutes waist hooping

Friday: 1.03 mile trail run (my fastest pace *ever* 13:30 min / mile) + 20 minutes dance class + stretching... 20 minutes waist hooping **run hoop streak accomplished** yay! 🎇

Saturday: 3 mile indoor walk... some off-body hooping and flow

Sunday: no workout, but my daughter and I did try a new ice cream flavor which brings us one taste closer to our quest of trying *all* of the ice creams at our local grocer {smile}

Last week was a very good week for my fitness endeavors. I had so much fun, I achieved a life goal (that Thursday mile!) and enjoyed lots of hooping. Good things, those. I've been thinking about the running I did over the summer and through September and there is much to be thankful for and celebrate. Simple things done just for me... Lord willing, I will share my thoughts about all of that in this space later this week.

Happy Monday to you,