Wednesday, September 6, 2017

You Are Beautiful

I don't exactly know why I bought myself a water filled hoop last spring. There was a display of them in a store we had stopped at... and quite spontaneously I chose a sparkly pink one and put it in the cart.

"Who is that for, Mama?" one of my little ones wondered. "For me, Sweetie." Which made us both smile.

Little did I know the joy I would find waist hooping within that circular space. And I soon discovered the world of hoop dance, flow, and tricks... oh my! I have so much to learn, so far to go, and I am loving every minute of this hooping journey that has beckoned me.

As summer began, I told myself that I would take a hoop with me whenever we were out and about. So I could enjoy one of my favorite activities in all of the lovely places we go. It takes me out of my comfort zone, indeed, to hoop with other people around. Being the center of attention is *not* my preference {smile} so I often look for a quiet and secluded spot before I melt into the moment. Bliss.

Our recent day-trip to the mountains took us past a special place alongside a familiar trail that we have always called the fairy forest. Our girls have twirled and danced in this space many times, and on this day it was Mama's opportunity to hoop along.

How amazing it is that a little blue sign on a nearby tree proclaimed to me, "You are beautiful." At that place and time, I truly felt that I was.

I want to share that feeling with you, friends. So just in case you haven't heard it for awhile... You Are Beautiful!