My First 5K Trail Run

I am officially in love with trail running. And blessed because our twenty-acre mountainside homestead becomes one big trail once I lace up my running shoes. {smile} So not only was I able to complete my first 5K trail run since becoming a fat-and-happy body positive eating disorder conqueror who runs simply for the fun of it (yeah!), but I did it right here at home on our happy gentle homestead. Bliss!

The eight week trail running program I completed that led up to this first 5K run was a bit of a test for me to see if I could trust myself to set fitness goals and follow a training schedule without triggering any disordered thoughts or behaviors.

Success! I did all of the training runs and some additional strength training without even a flicker of relapsing. Praise the Lord and all glory to Him for the victory. I feel quite assured that the disordered relationship I once had with food and fitness is truly behind me. Diet culture is behind me, too. I am absolutely changed inside and out from the runner that I was last autumn, before my recovery. So thankful I am!

I did my first 5K trail run yesterday morning. It was the first time I ran for distance rather than for a set time. In my training, I would run and do run/walk intervals for certain amounts of time but it didn't matter how far I went. For my graduation 5K, though, I wanted to do an actual 5K and not just run for the allotted forty minutes. I can't yet do a 3.1 mile trail run that quickly.

It was hard to adjust to the shift in thinking, I found, running for a set distance rather than a set time. But it was motivating, too, knowing that each step brought me closer to the finish line. And I was determined to keep moving until my phone's gps announced that the distance had been covered.

Pace doesn't matter to me much other than a way for me to measure my own improvement, but I do find it interesting to keep track of my time and distance just for the fun of it! And I finished my 3.11 mile trail run in 51:29. A 16:34 minutes per mile pace. I was very happy with that!

And I am not stopping here. No... I worked too hard for the eight weeks of training to quit now! I intend to continue with my outdoor runs for as long as the weather allows. And once the snow flies and covers our homestead, I will move my running indoors for the winter. Running is no longer about anything for me but fun and the way it makes me feel... and the way it makes me feel is fantastic.


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