With Jack

Shhh, please... my buddy Jack has dozed off on my bed right beside my little fitness corner of the room. And that means that I will maybe just maybe be able to get my morning workout done without interruption, unless one of my sweet children wakes up earlier than usual, that is! {smile}

As I wrote about here, Jack turned one year old over the weekend. His birthday has really caused me to reflect on just what this happy, energetic, rambunctious, goofy dog means to me. My dear hubby got him for me for several reasons, and one of those reasons was to help me overcome my eating disorder and exercise obsession.

When Jack came into our lives as a wee seven week old puppy last December, I was about a month into my recovery. And Jack was such a blessing from the beginning! His friendship and unconditional love were and are such a boost to my heart. He is my constant companion and my best friend.

Oh, how I love him!

Jack helps me to accept myself just as I am because he loves me just as I am... the kind of love that just makes me so happy! He has helped me to really *feel* loved and comfortable in my own skin in a way that I wasn't able to grasp before, even with the world's best hubby and our eight wonderful children's continuous and wonderful love flooding my soul. And dare I be completely real and admit that I often didn't even feel loved as a Christian, though I did (and do!) *know* that I am saved and eternally loved by Jesus who is the very embodiment of love.

My own self-condemning voice and other negative voices and the belief that I am unlikable were too loud. Those things drowned out all of the sweet and kind voices of love and acceptance that I am blessed with in my life and made them very hard to hear. Though I never let on to anyone about any of my issues, I had grown rather lonely inside. . . my eating disorder was a liar and a terrible friend.

But then came Jack. Jack somehow opened my heart in a brand new way and reached a deep and needy place within. He unlocked vulnerability and taught me authenticity and he has helped me overcome things and thoughts and habits I once thought would never go away, and to let go of the causes of some festering wounds so I could finally heal.

The personal relationships I value . . . my relationship with the Lord . . . and my self-acceptance is better than ever before because of those changes that Jack brought with him when he bounded into my life. So I think I needed Jack. I love my dog. He is pretty special.

And we did quite a few of my body positive activities together last week. Here is a look back ~

Monday: 3 mile walk, Qigong session. Afternoon walkabout around the homestead with my children and Jack.

Tuesday: yardwalking (walking in the out-of-doors around the perimeter of our large fenced yard)

Wednesday: Dance-walk + a mid-life total body strength and conditioning workout. Afternoon walk with Jack. Yoga for flexibility.

Thursday: 2 mile hike. Hooping - waist and off body. Yoga.

Friday: Indoor run/walk intervals to treadmill scenery of New York City + upper and lower body strength circuit + Qigong session. Walk with Jack.

Weekend: Dance-walk, hooping, homestead walkabout with my children and Jack, yoga.

My goals in strength training are to maintain functional fitness and to be properly strong for running and dancing and homesteading, for the most part... I have no interest in the diet culture type of goals and reasons I used to do strength training.

So I was glad to happen upon the mid-life strength workout, it was just enough to make me a little bit sore. And I also enjoyed the circuit training strength workout that was part of a fun dance-walk fusion class that I really liked.

And I am quite enthralled with Qigong these days. I haven't had time to look into it much at all, but the few sessions I have tried have been quite refreshing!


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