Fitness In a Perfect Plus-Size Skirt

a recent homestead walkabout between rain showers
Thrift store score!

We were at the thrift store the other day, and I was perusing the plus-size rack and the long, modest dresses and jumpers while my older children did their own looking about. And much to my happiness and surprise, I *finally* found a fitness skirt for myself.

It is a mustard-y yellow, stretchy knit, just above the knee length pencil skirt with a wide and comfy yoga-type waistband which I *love* because elastic and yoga waistbands are perfect for the way I am shaped. My tummy used to be squished in skirts that fit comfortably in other places so I switched to stretchy waistbands and that is all I purchase, thrift, and make for my skirts now.

When I got home, I tried some of the fitness activities that I love in my thrift store find. The cute yellow skirt moves with me when I run and dance and stretches so nicely when I do, and yet it is straight enough to stay out of the way when my dance hoop is spinning on my legs. And I could wear a pair of leggings underneath it if necessary for the day's fitness endeavors.

I'm so thankful that I came across it... it is just a regular plus-size skirt - not officially a "fitness" or running skirt - but it is exactly what I have been looking for. And it was brand new with the tags still attached! What a find for just a couple dollars! Simply perfect, if you ask me. {smile}

Here is a look back at my body positive fun fitness activities and hooping from last week ~

Monday: indoor interval walk, ballet class (centre work + balance)

Tuesday: 1 mile yard-walk with my daughter, a dance-walk + waist hooping

Wednesday: 2 mile hike in the out-of-doors + short boxing workout + stretching, afternoon hooping

Thursday: Cardio dance class + yoga, evening mix - walking + qigong + stretch

Friday: 1 mile yard-walk, cardio dance, hooping (waist hooping + off body flow)

Saturday: 3 mile indoor walk, hooping

Sunday: 5 mile indoor walk/run intervals

I did a lot of fitness walking last week. I have *always* been a walker and walking is the fun and simple activity I almost always come back to when I am busy, or if I need/want to listen to a podcast or sermon while I am moving. Or if I feel like virtually visiting a faraway interesting place via online treadmill scenery while I walk (run, hoop) indoors. And dance - hoopdance or otherwise - just makes me happy... I have loved dancing for as long as I can remember.

Speaking of dance - my dear hubby was sipping his coffee and keeping me company while I finished up a dance class recently. And, bless his heart, he told me that I am flow-y when I dance. Isn't that a delightful encouragement? It made my day.


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