November 17, 2018

run hoop 50

It is coming. My fiftieth birthday is two months from today! *squee!* Such a milestone fifty is... and there is so much goodness and grace to celebrate.

I have decided to give myself an early birthday present, and it is something that I intend to enjoy each day on the way to *the* day... January 17.

Amidst the happy-busy rhythm of everyday life on our farm, and the many blessings that clamor for my attention, and that never-finished to-do list, I am going to take the time for two miles + twenty minutes for myself each day.

2 + 20 each day as I complete my journey to 50.😁

Two miles of walking, running, or intervals of both. Indoors or out. Two miles at once, or one mile at two different times of day... a total of thirty minutes of indoor movement, or two actual outdoor miles.


Twenty minutes of daily hooping. Waist hooping, off body, tricks, practice, and/or hoopdance flow. Twenty wonderful minutes of whirly-twirly bliss each and every day, Lord willing.

The only stipulation is that I cannot multi-task and watch a class or tend to something I "must" do or "should" do during those daily miles and hooping minutes. I can play with my kids, pray, watch a movie, enjoy nature or treadmill scenery, listen to music, meditate, or simply be alone with my thoughts... the 2 miles + 20 minutes are a gift intended for self-care and freedom and fun.

So exciting, yes?

I would love to not miss a single day between now and my birthday and make it a true run hoop streak, but life happens and I am not a perfectionist... so, I am just going to go with it and enjoy the process. Today is day two, and I am loving this "to me, from me" gift of self-care time already. God is so good!


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