Snowshoeing in a Skirt

It was a sunny and slightly breezy weekend afternoon. We had piles of fresh snow covering our long, hilly driveway and the pastures of our homestead. I simply could not resist strapping on my snowshoes for a walkabout in Creation... feeling the warmth of the sun upon my face, breathing deeply of the crisp wintry air as my feet crunched atop the drifts.

I was wearing a flannel top and my long, flow-y, colorful skirt. So modest and comfy that skirt is! Before heading into the snowy out-of-doors, I pulled on a pair of leggings for warmth and donned my winter coat, boots, crocheted hat, and fleece mittens. Then off into the wintry day I went.

Christian modesty and head covering are issues that have grown increasingly dear to my heart since I first decided to wear dresses and skirts exclusively twenty-or-so years ago. And while my skirts-only journey has included a few brief returns to wearing pants and jeans, and other fleeting experiments with my look and style, my preference for long skirts and jumpers and my personal conviction for modesty are simply an entrenched part of who I am. Praise the Lord for self-acceptance and authenticity!

And my long held conviction has grown and bloomed to include a desire to celebrate femininity and to praise God for creating me as a woman... a strong and smart woman who willingly and joyfully submits to my kind and wonderful hubby, who seeks to develop a quiet and gentle spirit, and who embraces traditional values and a simple life.

I earnestly pray that my outward appearance reflects a contented heart that loves the Lord and desires to glorify Him. God is so good! Modesty may not mean wearing skirts-only for *every* Christian lady... none of our many daughters has yet chosen to wear dresses and skirts exclusively, and I leave the decision between them and the Lord... but for me, it does. I joyfully sacrifice my pride, the approval of others, the desire to fit in, and whatever else is necessary to forsake in order to become everything that God created me to be.

We are saved by God's amazing grace, not by what we wear or any good work that we do, but I do think it is important to have and live by Biblical convictions, even if others do not. Humble obedience to God's word from a devoted heart is not legalism.

Yes, it can get mighty cold and windy on our mountainside homestead during the winter. But I stay pretty comfy in my long and loose-fitting skirts and dresses. I wear leggings and knee-high socks when I need an extra layer of warmth, and especially when I do my homesteading chores and other outdoor activities. I stay nice and cozy in my skirts, whatever the weather.

Wearing skirts, dresses, jumpers, and a headcovering is such a blessing to me. They are a reminder, a celebration, a proclamation, a joy. How lovely it is to be a body positive plus-size woman of God, completely unconcerned with the world's fashion and beauty standards. And when my dear hubby takes my hand and compliments my simple dress, my apron, my headcovering... oh my, it does make me giggle.

For more of my thoughts on the topic of Christian modesty and headcovering, please do visit my Homesteading in a Skirt series on my Happy Gentle Homestead blog. {smile}


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