I was so blessed by kindness and thoughtful generosity yesterday...

Many times, as our big tribe grocery shops together, one of us will notice an item on the shelf and say, "Oh, that looks good!" or "I would like to try that sometime." But we stick pretty close to the list in order to keep from overspending our allotted grocery funds. I do a lot of frugal cooking from scratch, and we aren't often swayed by advertising or tempting displays.

But I've done it plenty of times, myself. Eating without rules or restrictions and shaking off diet culture for good has opened my eyes to the blessing that food is, the pleasure of enjoying food without guilt or numbers or worry, and true gratitude that we have the means to easily purchase and eat whatever we want within our grocery budget.

Just last weekend, as we filled two shopping carts brimful with the food and other items on my list that day, I spoke of a bean-and-cheese dip I happened upon that looked delicious, a new cracker that sounded quite yummy, and the desire to make peppermint bark covered pretzels together as soon as our store restocked the white candy coating. And I held up a jar of my favoritest kind of olives and mentioned how glad I am to *not* have an eating disorder anymore... last time we bought those olives, I only allowed myself to eat one or two of them.

It was all just casual conversation. Part of our big family's comfortable and ordinary way of talking about anything and everything together.

We came home that day with everything on our list and perhaps an extra treat or two, and it was all stored away and the earlier shopping conversation seemingly forgotten as we discussed all of the cooking and baking that needed to be done for Thanksgiving.

Then yesterday, our grown daughter who works in town mentioned that she was going to stop by the store after work for a few things, before she came home. Could one of her teen brothers please meet her at her vehicle with a sled to help her get the items up the hill to the house, since she is choosing to park near the bottom of the driveway in these snowy days and hike up the hill. Sure, I said. Perhaps she wants to choose another new flavor of ice cream for us to try, I thought.

Soon, she was home with her purchases. And as she unloaded the bags, I realized that she had used some of her own paycheck to purchase every food that I have recently mentioned that I would like to try one day... the new flavored crackers, the bean-and-cheese dip, some pumpkin spice cookies, chocolate peppermint flavored coffee. And the olives.

She also got a few extra treats and goodies for Thanksgiving, things that the whole family enjoys.

Oh my, her kind and thoughtful generosity brought tears to my eyes. And not only that she bought those yummy things, it was that she listened and heard me. I felt so valued and loved by my girl.

And then my dear hubby got home from work with his own bag of treats. Amongst them were the ingredients I need to make the peppermint bark pretzels. (I wondered why he had asked me what I would need to make them.) He had gone back to the store especially to see if they had restocked the white candy coating. What a sweetie my man is. {smile}

I am thankful for my family... and kindness.


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