run hoop 50 {and more!}

Happy Monday to you, friends. Well, it has been just over two weeks since I began my run hoop 50 streak of self-care during the two months leading up to my fiftieth birthday in January. Woot! I am having so much fun with it...

Two miles (30 minutes) of walking/running per day is bliss. It is just the amount I have time for during my morning workout, and it is just nice to get back to the basics - the very foundation - of my body positive fitness habit.

Recently, one of my favorite online walking "friends" uploaded to her channel the very first two mile walk that I ever did with her when I began my fitness journey way-back-when (twelve or so years ago). Wow, what fun, what memories! I suppose I have done that walk at least a hundred times before. It is neat to add it back into my indoor walking rotation.

And giving myself an excuse to hoop for twenty minutes every day was simply a grand idea. {smile} I have done a lot of waist hooping, some dance-flow, and I am working on twin arm hooping. I just love it! Young at heart I will always be in some ways... appreciating the value of play-time, relishing the art of dance. Good things.

Here is a look back at my fun body positive fitness activities and hooping from last week ~

Monday: 2 miles + 20 minutes (run hoop 50) and a total body strength/Pilates fusion class; evening - belly dance + yoga

Tuesday: total body conditioning and dance warm-up + 2 miles + 20 minutes (run hoop 50); evening - cardio dance (so fun!)

Wednesday: 2 miles + 20 minutes (run hoop 50) + strength/mobility class; evening - several minutes of outdoor run/walk intervals

Thursday: 3 mile indoor walk + total body conditioning + boxing; afternoon - 20 minutes hooping

Friday: 2 miles + 20 minutes (run hoop 50); afternoon walk in the out-of-doors

Weekend: 2 mile walk + 20 minutes hooping (at least) both days

I don't usually log it as a workout, but I have sure been enjoying getting outdoors with my dog Jack each day for a nice (sometimes short, sometimes longer) walk in the fresh air. That dog is good for me for so many reasons... {love}.

In other news, I graduated from my ASL 101 class at last! It took me just over a year to work through the syllabus and complete all of the videos and tests. And friends, I ended with a grade of 99.7%! What a thrill, I am so pleased with my increasing fluency and thankful that the Lord blessed me with the time and motivation to finish the course. {smile} God is so good!

I originally became interested in learning sign language after seeing some ASL music interpretation online. I am working to incorporate the language into my artistic hoopflow praise dancing endeavors. I see it as another way to glorify God with my body and keep my mind stayed upon Him as I hoop.


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