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Happy New Year to you! Our New Year's Eve was spent at home by the cozy wood stove... knitting, eating popcorn, watching a few episodes of the new season of a series we all enjoy. Together, the eight of our family of ten at home. And my sweet dog Jack by my side, of course.

I received my annual phone call from the future, a most delightful tradition that our son who lives in a time zone two hours ahead of ours began several years ago. Just past ten o'clock (our time) on New Year's Eve, Mama gets a phone call from the future since it is the new year where our grown boy lives but not yet the new year at home on the farm. It makes me smile and is one of my favoritest of our special family traditions.

And though I did not make it to midnight myself (I dozed off while reading in bed...) my dear hubby woke me just in time for a kiss as 2018 became 2019. Oh my, how can this *not* be an amazing year, right? {smile}

I pondered and prayed about selecting the right word for me to focus on this year. Some that I considered were: celebrate, meditate, pray, think, enjoy, praise, serve, kindness, abide. So many worthwhile things to choose from, yes? Things I plan to intentionally practice even though they aren't my focus word.

And I finally settled on...


I intend to be vigilant about keeping my thoughts and attentions focused on the here and now, to dwell upon the lovely things and mindfully abide in the moment at hand, to notice and appreciate the blessings and goodness that fill my ordinary days.

As a homesteading and homeschooling mama of many, my days are not often (if ever!) calm and quiet. We are a boisterous bunch and our days are brimful of activity and adventure... but my spirit can remain calm and peaceful in any circumstance, by God's grace. Quiet and gentle and present.

Of course there will be thoughts of the past and plans for the future. But I am determined that they will not be fretful or anxious. Not ruminating on or even thinking about negative things. Simply joyful, kind, and happy in the present. Always trusting and thanking God for this moment and every moment to come.

I put my word to use when I baked our New Year's baby's thirteenth birthday cake earlier today. I followed the recipe step-by-step, really paying attention to mixing it up - not rushing or multi-tasking - and conversing with the kids who were working on their own projects nearby. That cake was very mindfully baked.

It was a subtle shift, but it did indeed seem to add to the gratitude and blessing of the moment. Fully present in the present... I think I chose for myself a lovely word for 2019!


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