smells like winter

It is always so encouraging, I think, when I see in myself proof of the changes that I believe have occurred within me. The *best* changes come from growing closer to the Lord, of course, and learning (and applying!) the lessons and grace He blesses me with.

But some changes are rather ordinary... like realizing that along the way I have stopped being a perfectionist, for the most part. And noticing that I am not a taskmaster with myself as I once was. I am usually quite willing to set my to-do list aside for a bit and simply enjoy the day.

And that is what we did earlier this week. It was a lovely, warm(ish) winter day and we spent a good portion of the afternoon in the out-of-doors, basking in the beauty of it.

As we played in the bottom pasture, one of the children stated that it smelled like winter most especially in that particular spot. So we all paused, and the seven of us (and Jack!) savored the moment at hand.

We closed our eyes and breathed deeply of the scent of the dry winter grass, the crusty snow, the crisp air, the nearby wild juniper bushes, the creek. It did indeed smell like winter. And my soul was filled with thankfulness for it, for our homestead, for ordinary days.

God is so good!


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