ten minute (indoor) run

It was just what I needed this morning. Only ten minutes, but a lovely and needed quick run to remind me how much I enjoy running. I can walk and walk and walk, but I want to include more running in my fitness routine again because I especially *love* the way I feel after a run... indoors or out.

I haven't done much running at all for awhile. Near the end of my outdoor running endeavors last year, I tweaked my knee a bit and it is still sore quite often, or gets sore quickly.

And I'm not completely used to running in my plus-size body, yet. I need to build endurance so I can log the miles I want to as my happy size 22-or-so self that has *no* plans and *zero* desire to shed a single pound.

Does anyone else struggle with placing themselves in a box (so to speak) sometimes? I don't know where I come up with my ideas, but my thoughts will tell me...

"I am a rather conservative born-again Christian... and fat... not just fat, but fat *and* happy. And I love to run, though I am not very good at it. But I can't run, or at least I shouldn't, because my focus should be on the Lord alone and I don't want to appear as though I want to lose weight."

Yes, that is a ridiculous conversation that I had with myself. And I am learning to recognize that kind of thinking as self-condemnation (or giving heed to what others may think) rather than confusing it for personal conviction from the Lord (which should be obeyed).

So this morning, I rather spontaneously ran this plus-size body of mine for ten wonderful minutes! My feet are a little sore (I like to run barefoot indoors) but my knee feels great. And my soul is smiling, because I do indeed love to run.


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